Please, feel free to stream and share video. Make sure that you also click download button on top right corner of the screen. It allows you not only download your videos but also create free lifetime account with your video included. This is important because you will be able to keep your free account even if I cancel my subscription with this service.

Big shout out to these great people:

  • Show director: Adge Lindsey

  • Stage manager: Shannon Mujica

  • Tech director: Adge Lindsey

  • Lighting and sound: Andrea Hoffman, Steve Kurtz

  • Music Edits: Alexa Midgley

  • Program: RoShamBo

  • Photographer: Third Eye Photography; Rebecca Ofstedahl

  • Videographer: Kasala Productions; Pavol Kasala

  • Executive director: Adge Lindsey

  • Administrative director: Annie Tunkey

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